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Krk (pronounced [kr̩̂k]; German: Vegl; Latin: Curicta; Italian: Veglia; Vegliot Dalmatian: Vikla; Ancient Greek Kyrikon, Κύρικον) is a Croatian island in the northern Adriatic Sea, located near Rijeka in the Bay of Kvarner and part of Primorje-Gorski Kotar county. Traditionally, Krk had been thought to be the largest Adriatic island, with an area of 405.78 km2 (156.67 sq mi), until geographical survey and remeasurements done in 2011 determined that the neighboring island of Cres has an equal surface area. Krk is the most populous island in the Adriatic sea, with multiple towns and villages that contain a total of 19,383 (2011) inhabitants.

Locatie Marea Adriatica
Coordonate 45°4′N 14°36′E
Suprafata 405.78 km2 
Cel mai inalt punct 568 m (1,864 ft)
Cel mai inalt punct Obzova


Capitala Primorje-Gorski Kotar
Cel mai mare oras Krk (pop. 6,243)
Populatie 19,383 (2011)
Densitate 44 /km2